Growing the Good Life in the Gold Country

When the November sun rises above Rattlesnake Bar in Newcastle, CA, its glorious rays reach out to kiss the abundance of “Mountain Candy” growing throughout the foothills. That sweet deliciousness is the Satsuma mandarin at it’s prime, and growing it in their prime are the owners of North Fork Mandarins.

Crocker Art, The Next Generation

Close your eyes and picture an art gallery. What do you see? It is a serene space filled with professionally-dressed gray hairs quietly observing the latest exhibit, or is it a building bursting with boisterous, costume-clad young adults and children dancing to live music?

Sacramento Children’s Museum

Don’t let the definition of a museum sway your thoughts about taking the kids to the Sacramento Children’s Museum. Merriam-Webster describes a museum as “a building in which interesting and valuable things, such as paintings and sculptures or scientific or historical objects, are collected and shown to the public.” The experiences of infants to eight-year-olds (and beyond) at the 7,000-square-foot…


William Land Park is the center for Sacramento family fun. The 160 acre facility has wide open spaces for picnicking with barbeques, sports fields and basketball courts, a nine-hole golf course, duck ponds, pony rides, Fairytale Town, the famous Sacramento Zoo, and the small but wonderful amusement park, Funderland.