Real Wives of the Sacramento Area

When the rap of the gavel rings out in her courtroom, it may be the end of a court judgment, but not the end of the day for the on-the-go Justice Elena Duarte. Duarte met her husband, R. Graham Barlowe, Special Agent with the United States Department of Justice, while she was climbing the judicial career ladder as an Asst.…

Real Wives of Sacramento – Katy Carlsen, MD FAAP

Mother, wife and foster care advocate, Katy Carlsen is a pediatric doctor who shows that there’s more to life than just “giving at the office.” Over 30 years ago, Katy met the love of her life, founder and past CEO of Sleep Train, Dale Carlsen. As for her marriage to the Sacramento State alumni, she recounts, “(It) occurred after quite…

Melissa Shrout – A Woman with Many Passions

When mom and grandmother Melissa Shrout isn’t fostering kittens, teaching Jazzercize or leading her hilarious “I Love Lucy” lifestyle with husband Rich Shrout of 38 years, you can find her working for Lyons Realty Sierra Oaks office as a real estate agent.

Rebecca Sturges – A Compassionate Counselor for People with Problems

When your passion in life is people there are a few pivotal career choices that come to mind: doctor, professor, counselor. For Rebecca Sturges, her life as a licensed marriage and family therapist is laughter, tears, reward, but most of all, it's about the physical and mental wellness of her clients, the people she truly values.