Congratulations! You Just Got Engaged!

Congratulations! You got engaged! Now the real fun­—and work—begins: planning the wedding. Following are five things to do right after he (or she) puts a ring on it.

Real Wives of Sacramento: Melissa Dixon

When mom and wife, Melissa Dixon, isn’t crocheting novelty items or working tirelessly for The Alternative Arts Collective (TAAC), you can usually find her acting in a film or on a stage, such as the Geery on L Street in Sacramento.

September is Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

September means many things to many people. It’s the start of fall or the start of off-season travel for those budget hunting travelers (like me). School is back in session now, a time of year that my mother always appreciated. And for us Sacramentans, it’s hopefully the start of relief from the searing summer heat.

When Your Child Leaves for College

It’s back to school time and somewhere out there in our readership is a parent or two or maybe hundreds of you whose oldest, youngest or only child is about to leave for college.

Fond Memories of the California State Fair

For more than 160 years, the California State Fair has been bringing summertime fun to California residents. That's a lot of years, which for any Sacramento native who has attended the annual event has probably resulted in many memories. The State Fair I remember, however, didn't occur in July. It used to open in late August culminating in Labor Day…

Thank Goodness for the Men in Our Lives

June is such a big month. So much is happening! School lets out, summer returns, graduations are taking place, weddings abound, warm weather is here and everyone is outside barbecuing. This issue is all about men, so fitting for the month that we celebrate Father’s Day and those men in our lives. And on that topic, I want to pay…

I Want to Ride My Bicycle …

Thinking back to the time I spent growing up in the (then) cowtown known as Washingtonville in Upstate New York, my fondest memories all revolve around my bike. It's not that it was expensive or especially good looking — although it was a very pretty blue color with a rainbow-emblazoned banana seat. It's just that everything I did every day…

Time to Give Back

As a freelance writer and editor of this local Sacramento magazine, unfortunately I don't have a lot of free time. And when I do find myself with a few extra minutes in the day, they're normally spent cleaning the house, food shopping, or getting in some exercise to help keep myself healthy so I can keep up with my life's…

Happy Camper

When most people think of March, they think of the impending end of winter and the promise of warm days and spring flowers ahead. For me, March signals that too, but also something even more important — the start of camping season! About four years ago, my husband and I discovered camping. Both having grown up in Northern New Jersey…

With All Our Hearts

Thanks to Valentine's Day, February is the month of hearts. Loved ones exchange heart-shaped boxes of chocolates or heart-shaped pieces of jewelry while wearing shirts and socks with hearts on them. And social media sites like Pinterest are awash with DIY projects featuring hearts and recipes featuring heart-shaped foods, from cookies to pizza to sushi.

No More 

Every year after the sparkling ball has dropped in Times Square, the last flute of champagne has been drunk, and the last bit of confetti has fallen from the sky, people all over the world begin to make their New Year's resolutions. Some make promises to get healthier, while others want to stop a bad habit or improve their overall…

Give and Let Give

For me, this is the best time of the year. That's because I get to give with abandon. You see, I love to give presents. In fact, my husband calls me “The Giver.” This really started at a very early age — before I had any money to buy presents, I made presents for my mom and dad and siblings.…

Give Thanks Every Day

Thanksgiving a year ago was unlike any of the other some 47 I've been around to celebrate. Thanksgiving 2014 was the first time in my life I didn't get to celebrate with my father. He was recuperating from a stroke and was too weak to travel or to host the holiday as he and my mother had done forever. I…

Teachers Awaken That 
Joy of Knowledge

Most schools in the area have been in session for about six weeks. Students and teachers alike are getting back into routines. By now, most teachers have completed their first set of tests to see where their students are academically and where the bulk of the next eight or nine months of instruction will be spent.