Date Night Day Dreams Come True for the Phifer Pavitt Winery

As fajitas sizzled in the cast iron skillet on their Calistoga car-camping campfire, Suzanne and Shane Pavitt sipped and savored a glass of wine, while day dreaming out loud. It was a beautiful time on their newly purchased property, and its possibilities overflowed with promise.

Pachamama Coffee Cooperative

Caterina Yac is a single, fiercely independent woman who owns a three-acre farm at an elevation of 4,000+ feet in Santa Clara Laguna, Guatemala. Her main crop is coffee, though she also grows a variety of other crops to eat and barter with neighbors. When she brews some of her homegrown coffee to offer to guests, she’s probably not thinking…

Hydrate Your Way to a Healthy Summer

Staying well-hydrated is especially important during the summer months. In addition to normal body functions, higher temperatures draw more water through perspiration, so consciously replacing your fluid content becomes essential for overall health.

Delta Breeze

Just 15 minutes from Sacramento, but a world away, the wine tasting region of the California Delta beckons to residents as well as visitors looking for a convenient, yet local getaway. Take a leisurely drive along the meandering Sacramento River on a warm autumn day and discover unhurried, uncrowded wine tasting at family-run, local wineries. Enter this part of the…