Choosing a Wedding Photographer, 101 2

Your wedding day is approaching and there’s just one thing you can’t decide on…the photographer. You’ve met with a few, but it’s overwhelming and expensive and how do you choose the right one? Three recently married brides and a wedding planner (we will call them “Team Wedding”) tell you how to find a good photographer and why you won’t regret the investment after your wedding day.

Team Wedding came up with four main factors to consider when selecting a photographer.

  1. Personality
  2. Experience
  3. Style
  4. Cost

Personality is huge.

Aimee: A good wedding photographer should be someone who you want to hang out with all day. They make you feel comfortable, they get things done on the wedding day without making you feel rushed, and they feel like they are just one of your friends who is there taking photos on the wedding day.

Emily: You want to feel comfortable around them so that you won’t looked “posed” and forced in the photos. If it’s a natural and smooth conversation when you are interviewing them, then that will translate over to when you’re photographed.

Lucy: We didn’t want a lot of formality and our photographer blended well with us. She was so laid back though (as is common in Denver) that she almost didn’t give us enough direction.

Experience is a must.

Emily: My husband and I knew of the photographer that we wanted right off the bat. I requested the double shooter to be a specific photographer who was her client/friend and our friend too. Both artists were people that my husband knew and grew up with. I had seen both their portfolios on Facebook and liked what I saw even before I was engaged. The photos were exactly what I wanted. They were romantic, creative, and captured the essence of my husband and I.

Lucy: Get a good enough photographer and then find ways to make that price work—like shortening their hours—but don’t cut down on quality.

Liz: Other people’s opinions of the photographers were very important. We had three photographers recommended to us. We had a big advantage of getting married in April, which is not popular at all in Denver, and we were able to negotiate a great rate with a great photographer.

Style should be timeless.

Aimee: Be careful when it comes to booking someone who is following a current trend with their style of photography. Make sure that the look and feel of their photos is timeless so that when you look at them in 20 years they are still reflective of your style.

Emily: I wanted creative photos that had unique perspectives while having tasteful editing. Most photographers may have one signature style of editing that is already preset in their Lightroom or Photoshop settings. So find the one you prefer. But a good photographer can edit it to however you want the photos to look.

Cost…it’s worth the investment.

Aimee: This is one of the most important investments you will make in regards to your wedding. Don’t skimp! At the end of the day, all of the flowers, decorations, etc. will be gone but your photos will last forever.

Liz: I would recommend saving up more for this vendor and skimping on money elsewhere. Providing your guests with a good time is important, but not at the cost of your memories. The day flies by in a blur and you will have trouble remembering it all.

Looking Back—what would brides 
do differently?

Aimee: I’ve never heard a bride say they spent too much on photography. If anything, I think that a lot of clients wish they had invested more in this area. I highly recommend to couples, “think about the photos you want to hang on your walls more than what will please your families.” (Do you absolutely have to include every single cousin?) I see many couples investing more time in family photos than their own portraits, and later wishing that they had more photos of just the two of them together.

Emily: I wished that I had requested more pictures of my husband and I both looking at the camera at the same time instead of us looking at each other, or one of us looking at the camera.

Liz: I was pretty happy with them…If I had to do it again, I would save up more for it.