Thank Goodness for the Men in Our Lives

June is such a big month. So much is happening! School lets out, summer returns, graduations are taking place, weddings abound, warm weather is here and everyone is outside barbecuing. This issue is all about men, so fitting for the month that we celebrate Father’s Day and those men in our lives. And on that topic, I want to pay special tribute to two men in my life that were instrumental in helping me to be successful in my life and in my career.

That first man, of course, is my father. Eighty-seven years old now, a little slower, a little hard of hearing, but his mind is still just as sharp as a tack. Throughout my life, my Dad has always been there to support and encourage me. This is the man who taught me how to ride a bike, helped me buy my first car, and walked me down the aisle only after he was very sure that is what I wanted. Always there to help no matter how big or small the favor, without hesitation, cooking dinners, picking up kids after school, and baking all of the holiday pies for our family gatherings. He was the first man to encourage me in my education and my career. Setting me up for success in early childhood, Dad was always quick to remind me that I could do anything I set my mind to. In fact, he always expected it!

And the second man in my life who helped me achieve my goals is my husband. He was there for me through my final years of college, cared for our baby daughter while I marched toward graduation, and even drove me to night class so I wouldn’t have to walk to my car alone after dark. When I started my career, he was my biggest champion. No matter the challenge, no matter what goal I set out for myself, this guy was always there to support and believe in me. “Have to work late tonight, dear? No problem.  I’ll help our daughter with her homework and save you some dinner.” Out of town for a week for work?  No worries. He took care of everything. In his eyes, women were equals and my career was just as important as his.

Now with our daughter, he sends the same message and provides the same loving support, promoting, encouraging her career moves in every way possible. He raised her and expected her to be a strong and independent woman.

I feel blessed to have had such great influences in my life. So embrace this month of June and celebrate the men in your life. And to all the dads out there reading this, Happy Father’s Day! You made somebody’s life special.