Men's Summer Fashions - Upcoming Trends

Move over stylish gals, men’s fashions are heating up this summer.

This summer, women won’t be the only ones who show a little skin, nor will they be the only ones with an appreciation for quality fabric, busy patterns and vintage-style apparel. Whether it’s a tailor-made suit, slim-fitting pants, or a pair of new wing-tipped Oxfords, move over stylish gals because guys, too, have a penchant for fashion, and some of the summer’s latest trends even include a taste for short-shorts.

When it comes to sharp-dressed fashions, Ryan Hammonds, owner of R. Douglas Custom Clothier is an expert in the field. From myriad buttons and tie clips to the endless variety and colors of fabric swatches he keeps on hand, Hammonds says this summer is all about texture.

“A lot of textures are showing up this summer with the linen, cotton and silk blends,” he says. “In men’s fashion, you accent with certain textures like a linen shirt paired up with a cotton pant and we’re seeing that in men’s tailored-wear as well.”

R. Douglas Custom Clothier specializes in men’s tailored fashion and business casual wear, but a few key pieces to keep an eye out for this summer include light-weight fabrics like silk, linen-wool blends, and also bamboo polos and button downs. Hammond says his store sells a lot of blazers made out of bamboo, a surprisingly breathable fabric that’s silk to the touch. He also recommends light-weight bomber jackets for those cooler Delta breeze evenings.

Whatever your style, here are the top five trends in fashion to make you the best-dressed man in the room or even on the river this season:

’50s-era Shirts

These light fabric vintage button downs are perfect for any occasion. According to Hammonds, light pastels are always popular and so is tan linen, light lavender and also light blues. Stock up on ’50s-era attire at Ed’s Threads, Kicksville Vinyl & Vintage, or hit the racks at Freestyle Clothing Exchange to keep up with the latest it trend of the summer.

Shorter Shorts

Whether it’s bright and busy patterns for those days relaxing by the river, bleach-spotted denim for afternoon lunch dates, or a more tailored style during the evening with buttons down the front, men wear short shorts. For Hammonds, this trend is expected.   He says, “The fact that the shorts are getting shorter makes sense because the pants are getting more trimmed and shorter.”


Popularized in the ’60s by the American military, chinos are a type of trouser made from cotton or a cotton-blend that give this pant its versatility, allowing it to be dressed up or down. With its slim-fitting appeal, chinos are the perfect choice for any fashionable gentlemen. This summer, white chinos are in and worn best with brown loafers or a pair of Chuck Taylor’s for a more casual weekend look.

Bomber Jackets and Blazers

As a man who keeps up on the latest trends, Hammonds says he saw the popularity in bomber jackets last season as well. “In summer, everything is lightweight. If you’re wearing a bomber it’s probably going to be more of a windbreaker-style jacket than something with some weight to it. With men’s tailored blazers, we’re commonly half-lining the jackets so it keeps the jacket lighter-weight and a bit more breathable in the back panel of the jacket. So, if they do need to wear something extra in the evening, it won’t get too heavy.”


In spring and summer, you’ll see a lot of loafers and Hammonds says, “It’s common to do the no-show ankle sock and pair that up with a loafer. If the guys are wearing the pants shorter and more cropped, it’s OK to show the ankle.” Finish up this style with a bright-colored, patterned sock and you’ll be set all summer long.