I Want to Ride My Bicycle ...

Thinking back to the time I spent growing up in the (then) cowtown known as Washingtonville in Upstate New York, my fondest memories all revolve around my bike. It’s not that it was expensive or especially good looking — although it was a very pretty blue color with a rainbow-emblazoned banana seat. It’s just that everything I did every day of every summer was centered around my bike.

Wanted to go to your friend’s house? You rode your bike. Bored and needed something to do? We all hopped on our bikes and had races around the cul-de-sac or, as we got older, went for longer bike rides through our housing development. The worst punishment my parents could ever bestow upon me was taking my bicycle away as it left me completely cut off from the two-wheeled world my friends were living in.

After moving away from Washingtonville and getting older, I suddenly found myself no longer wanting my bike. In fact, it wasn’t until about two years ago — at the age of 37 — that I decided to buy a bike for myself. While it had been many years and I was certainly not as steady on it as I once had been, I found it still held the same magic for me it did throughout my childhood.

Sadly I haven’t been taking out my bicycle as much as I’d like to and I plan to change that this spring. After all, we happen to live in one of the most bicycle-friendly spots in the country. And what’s a better time to jump back on the seat with National Bike Week being celebrated this month from May 16-20.

To celebrate the week, the Sacramento area holds a variety of different bike-related events all through May, including free bicycle maintenance classes, bike rides, the Capitol Bike Fest on May 12th and the finale of the Amgen Tour of California at the State Capitol on May 22nd. Learn more about these and upcoming events, and challenge yourself by logging your biking miles, at MayIsBikeMonth.com.