Teen Hero Saves Neighbors From Burning Building 1

Clark Kent flies. Peter Parker scales buildings. And Bruce Wayne has the utility belt and drives one sweet car.

Fourteen-year-old Christian Beecher may not have radioactive powers or top-secret, high-tech gadgets, but on February 1st he became a super hero to his neighbors all the same.

The Sacramento Charter High School honor student was relaxing on his front porch in Oak Park when he and his aunt, Ebboni Johnson, spotted flames and smelled gas coming from a neighbor’s home. Beecher and his aunt sprung into action. They knocked on the neighbor’s door and found the Alay family panicked inside.

The Alay’s special needs daughter, who has trouble walking, was especially scared. Beecher helped hurry the girl and her family out of the burning house.

Flames were spreading quickly, and Beecher worried for the elderly lady nextdoor. He often helps her on trash day because he knows she can’t get around so easily. After hopping a gated fence, Beecher found the woman alone inside and unaware of the looming danger. He escorted her outside and brought the rescued neighbors — six in all — into his grandparents’ home to keep warm while firefighters extinguished the blaze.

Beecher’s quick thinking and selfless actions have everyone from Mayor Kevin Johnson to the Sacramento City Fire Departent praising the young man’s heroic deed.

“What he did involved danger. He made a calculated risk and we applaud his actions,” said Sacramento City Fire spokesman Chris Harvey.

At Sac High, students and teachers regard the slim 6-foot freshman as something of a real-life action hero, said Janine Knill, Beecher’s advisory teacher. And yet, Knill added, those heroic actions weren’t too surpsing given Beecher has the “makings of a leader.”

“Christian exhibits integrity, discipline and grit on a daily basis; that is most likely how he was able to act so quickly and help those in need,” Knill said.

The polite teen perks up at being called a leader. “I am a leader! I don’t just follow the crowd.” To that point, he lists focusing on his academics and spending time with his family as his interests. “My favorite subject is math, not because it’s easy. I like figuring out problems.”

In addition to his regular coursework, Beecher attends College Track Sacramento with hopes of earning a spot at UCLA after high school. He wants to be an architect. He also recently began putting his fence-hopping skills to an athletic purpose: jumping hurdles on the track and field team for the Sac High Dragons.

Proud “Nana” Toni Johnson knows her grandson can tackle any hurdles that come his way. “He’s such a good kid. He has all the tools to succeed.”

Cape and alter ego not required.