FoodJets — Bringing Fresh Food Fast to Sacramento 1

Imagine it’s 6pm, your family is starving, there’s nothing in the fridge and you don’t have time to go out to a restaurant. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have a fresh and hot restaurant meal delivered to your home in 10 minutes?

With FoodJets, your wish is now reality!

Launched in November 2015, FoodJets offers curbside delivery of restaurant meals from local area restaurants for weekday lunch and dinner seven nights a week that arrives in about 10 minutes. According to CEO Darren McAdams, all the meals are under $10, and their daily menu also includes appetizers, desserts and beverages.

So how does FoodJets work? McAdams says each day they tell the local and independent restaurants they work with how many of each meal they need. The restaurants pre-package the meals in special containers FoodJets gives them that are not only reusable and recyclable, but also dishwasher and microwave safe. The restaurants drop off the pre-packaged meals to FoodJets’ 13,000 square-foot warehouse staging area, which are then placed into hot bags or coolers.

FoodJets’ drivers soon arrive and load up their vehicles with the hot bags and coolers. “All the cars are modified to accept electrical — we took the seats out and added electrical for the hot bags,” McAdams explains. “And in the back we put a bench where the cold packs can go.” Once loaded up, the drivers leave for one of the four area zones that FoodJets services — Midtown/Downtown, East Sacramento, Arden or Natomas.

Then from 11am to 1:30pm Monday through Friday or 5pm to 8:30pm seven nights a week, customers can order their meal through FoodJets’ app. Depending on how close a driver is, delivery can sometimes be very quick. “We’ve done tons of deliveries now and we’ve had many under a minute or two minutes because the customer pushed the button (on the app) and the driver happened to be driving just outside,” McAdams says.

After placing an order, customers can track their driver or just wait for the automated “curb” call or text they’ll receive when their driver is two minutes out. Customers then meet the driver at the curb where they’re handed their meal.

In addition to purchasing meals for themselves, customers can opt to Donate-A-Meal to Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services. “For just $4 you get to buy someone a meal, and so every day we have dozens of people doing that — they can make a difference with the push of a button,” McAdams adds. Additionally, at the end of each day FoodJets donates their extra meals to the food bank.

Looking towards the future of FoodJets, McAdams says they listen to what their customers ask for and so far are planning to add online ordering as an option and also expand their delivery area to other Sacramento area communities.

For more information and to download their app, visit