There's no place 
like home.

Here we are with our second issue of Sacramento Lifestyle. Wow!

The first of anything offers many emotional responses. Our first child is both a miracle and exciting. Our first car made us feel responsible and adventurous. Our first trip abroad offered the possibility that the world was ours to explore and conquer and yet there was no place like home. Welcome to our “At Home” edition.

The first publication has me so very excited about the relationships that have been so quickly forged. The realization that together we can achieve anything we set our sights on is also exciting and together we can touch the lives and lifestyles of so many through this magazine.

I’m enthusiastic that we’ll land on thousands of doorsteps and be available via the web and all our social media channels. Be sure to check out our new website at

As always, we sincerely thank you for bringing us into your home each month. Many thanks from our entire Sacramento Lifestyle team.

I’d especially like to thank all of the founders of this magazine for believing that it is possible to be different, to carve out our own little niche when so many said it couldn’t be done. I couldn’t have achieved that difference without you.

This month, we focus on homes and on being thankful – thankful for the roofs over our heads and the family and friends that share those warm places with us.

We wish you a wonderful November. See you around town!