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Custom Interior Designer and Master Craftsman Team to Build Friend’s Dream Home

When Marc and Christine Yang bought their Pocket-area home in 1998, they looked past the Roman faux marble columns and the clear, glass-block wall in the entry way. Neither was into the Caesar’s Las Vegas look. Marc Yang would much rather catch a fish than a straight flush at a Vegas poker table. Both led busy lives and the dated interior plus a under utilized kitchen didn’t bother them much until Marc retired in 2011 after selling his outpatient care centers.

Marc bought an expensive fishing boat and that’s when Christine, an OB/GYN, put her foot down.

“She said if I get a boat then it was time for her to get her dream kitchen, at least,” Marc Yang says.

Enter the design talents of Steve Frkovich Casci of Casci Designworks, Inc.

Casci sketched out his vision for the extensive remodel job starting with the kitchen and glass cube wall that reminded people more of a Vegas nightclub from the 1980s than a home worthy of the prestigious River Lake area.

“Marc and I did all the shopping,” Casci says. “Then we’d hand things off to Wes Chow, our contractor, and he’d put it all together. My speciality is putting together permit-ready plans. We broke the project into two parts – the kitchen first and then pretty much everything else.”

There’s already a sort of granny flat on the second floor, complete with a full kitchen. So for the duration of the kitchen remodel, the Yangs lived upstairs part of the time.

Everything with the remodel was custom built, including the honed granite island top with leather finish. Chow, who has been friends with Marc Yang since their days as students at Sam Brannan Middle School, removed the glass block entry way wall and utilized the space as more storage and usable area for the kitchen. He concealed 13 LED lights in the kitchen ceiling that are dimmable and emit zero glare from distracting beams of light. Casci and the Yangs decided to leave some of the glass block cubes on the back splash facing River Lake as an ode to the original design of the home that was built in 1990.

“I call the design of this house ‘timeless contemporary,'” Casci says. “We used a custom forged hood over the Wolf range. In fact, there’s custom metalwork all over this house.”

Once the kitchen remodel was complete, Chow put up a large plastic sheet to protect the new addition and got to work implementing Casci second phase – the entry way, the formal dining area, the living room and the bar.

A custom staircase with welded iron was designed and built, custom roller doors that slide to open up the formal dining area and a bar area that matches the kitchen are just some of the master design elements Casci created for the Yangs. The end result of the eight-month design and build was so successful that Casci has become good friends with the Yangs and with Chow, who owns Wesco Construction. Casci and Chow have since worked on several projects together.

“We told Casci what we wanted based off of Internet research and then he took those ideas and ran with them,” Marc Yang says. “He did a great job working with us.”