A Cut Above

Salon N Brings Big-City 
Hair Styling to Sacramento


Although she may be a farm girl at heart, Nancy Leonard, owner of the recently opened Salon N, is all about bringing big-city hair knowledge to Sacramento.

Having lived in Sacramento off and on throughout her life, Leonard decided to return to her hometown roots after completing her hair stylist training at the Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology in San Francisco.

“I had a question as to whether I wanted to stay in San Francisco and do big-city hair, or take that big-city knowledge and come to Sacramento and build something where it was a more boutique, personalized, small-town feel,” Leonard says. “So that’s what I did. I came to Sacramento.”

After working for a few downtown salons, Leonard finally took the plunge two years ago and opened her own salon in East Sacramento. After building a roster of clients — she sees about 110 customers a month — Leonard decided to make the move to the Arden area and open Salon N.

Complete Personalization

Leonard says her concept for Salon N, at the Arden Town Center at the corner of Watt Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard, was to create a salon that combines a family approach with complete personalization.

“I joke and say come in your pajamas for all I care, and make sure you love your hair when you leave,” she says. “I always go by the motto of ‘We’re in it together and I’m on your side,’ and I have their best interests in mind.”

Salon N employs a team of seven hair stylists, all specializing in a specific area, such as precision hair cutting, hair color, updos and blowouts.

“When I get a new client with Salon N, I customize who that new client needs to go to depending on what she wants and needs,” Leonard says. “It’s awesome because I hit every single demand as to what they need. I don’t want to give everybody the same hair cut; everything is a custom hair design.”

To achieve that level of customization, Leonard and her team pay close attention not only to the latest trends and seasonal changes, but also who their clients are: the texture of their hair, skin color and even their mood.

“Moods have a lot to do with change,” Leonard explains. “A client will come in, and if they want a complete redo, we will ask them what’s going on in their life. We’re therapists really. We take a moment to sit down with our client at eye level and see what’s going on. If we don’t dig in, how are we going to know that bangs are going to work for that person?”

Coming Up

As for the future of Salon N, Leonard has a number of things planned. Her and her team are practicing for a national competition early next year in Los Angeles.

Additionally, Salon N is now offering Third Thursday Hands-On Hair How-To classes for clients and guests. The one-hour classes offer hairstyling tips and tricks and will have a different focus each month, including kids hairstyling, holiday hairstyling, how to create the perfect curl and how to use styling tools. Call 916.467.4653 for more information and to make a reservation.

And in summer 2016, Leonard will be launching her private label hair care line called Dash of Diamonds. The first product will feature a nutrient serum with sparkle that can be applied to both the hair and skin.

“It’s a product that represents me – sparkley, classy, a little elegance to put in your hair and put on your skin,” Leonard says.