First Person

Tell us your story.

Any publication is only as strong as 
 its readers.

Any good periodical is going to rely on reader input, whether that’s a strongly worded letter to the editor or a snappy email suggesting a review of a favorite restaurant.

Sacramento Lifestyle is no different. But where we are different is in this space.

This is where you, dear valued reader, get to submit a first-person story that may be printed in a future issue. The better the story, the better chance you have of seeing that story in print.

We’re looking for exciting vacation adventures, a unique hobby or lifestyle choice, a hairy workplace situation detailed with exciting prose, a reflection on seeing or experiencing the birth of your first child… you get the picture, er, story.

We here at Sacramento Lifestyle value and thrive on that two-way communication.

So send us your first-person story that’s between 500 and 1,000 words and if you have a cool high-resolution photo to accompany the story then that’s even better, and you’ll shoot right to the top of the consideration stack.

Break out the Selectric, or your tablet, and get cranking.

Send your submissions via email to