Inspired by community. 2

I see a lot of similarities between the construction of the Golden 1 Center downtown and building a magazine. I take pride in seeing the massive girders being hoisted onto the metal frame of the new downtown entertainment complex, knowing that the building will soon be a gorgeous venue for sports and entertainment of all types.

And I take great pride in seeing this magazine take shape as we added advertisers and content, knowing that our vision to deliver an entertaining and information-rich read each month has come into focus.

The cover photo of the Golden 1 Center speaks to me as an area resident. There was a need and we, as a community, filled it. Upward and onward.

I want to echo what our publisher wrote: this is your magazine. So I’m asking for first-person lifestyle stories from readers about interesting hobbies, sports and other interests. Communicate with us about what you want to see this magazine become. I promise to respond to each and every call, letter or email.